About PEPT


About PEPT

Pulkā eimu, pulkā teku – Programme to promote the acquisition and inheritance of traditional culture and intangible heritage

PEPT has been at the centre of an extensive and diverse educational programme since its launch at a concert featuring seven folk groups in the spring of 1984.

Since its inception over thirty years ago, PEPT has grown to encompass five folklore based competitions for children and youth. These include:

  • contests for storytelling “Teci, teci, valodiņa” and “Anekdošu virpulis”
  • singing “Dziesmu dziedu, kāda bija”
  • folk dancing “Vedam danci”
  • folk music “Klaberjakte”

They all proceed through quarterfinals and semifinals in their respective counties. Finals are held in Rīga along with fourteen regional events and a nationwide event to conclude the school year which present fulsome opportunities for self-expression and the exchange of ideas and experiences among participants.