The Society for Traditional Culture APRIKA

The Society for Traditional Culture APRIKA is a non-governmental non-profit organization
comprising folklore teachers, children’s and youth folk group leaders
and other professionals, as well as others with an interest
in the teaching, acquisition, and promotion of traditional culture.


About us

APRIKA was founded in 2009, taking over the work of the University of Latvia’s Ethnic Culture Centre which was closed when the University was reorganized during the 2008 fiscal crisis. The Society is responsible for the organization of children’s and youth folk festivals, traditional cultural events for a variety of audiences, seasonal celebrations, folklore competitions for children and youth.

Its staff also consults on issues relating to the acquisition, inheritance, and transfer of traditional culture. The Society is also responsible for the development and implementation of lifelong learning and in-service training programmes for folklore teachers, often in the framework of international projects.  The project PEPT (Pulkā eimu, pulkā teku) is one of the main projects managed by APRIKA.